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School Vision Statement




            To ensure that all children reach their     full potential in terms of academic              achievement, aesthetic appreciation       and spiritual awareness within an

            inclusive, caring, Christian, learning       community.




 To ensure that all children have access to a broad, balanced and  

creative curriculum that is structured  to meet the needs of individuals and  

to promote enquiring minds, with the   ability to question and reason              rationally.




To encourage a clear understanding of the values and

beliefs of the Christian faith and to

develop understanding and respect for those of other cultures and beliefs.




            Realising the potential of every child  within a caring, Christian community




To encourage effective partnership  and open       -communication between all members of the school, parents   and the wider community.



To ensure that children feel valued as individuals, developing tolerance

and understanding, with respect for the rights, views and property of others.



            To promote a desire to learn by     making the process an enjoyable             experience within a positive and           secure environment that

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