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Home learning packs and support for mental health are also on this page.

Free Home Learning Packs

Lots of websites which ordinarily require subscriptions for resources are currently offering free downloadable booklets for parents and carers to work on with their children at home.


Please download the Word document below for further details.



Please see below Zip Files for each class containing a variety of work to be completed at home. In each file, there is a letter from their teachers. 

If your children complete or would like extra work, please use the Home Learning Pack document on this page and the websites listed at the bottom of this page. 

Please do not contact the school regarding work: we are closed.

Class One Home Learning

Class Two Home Learning

Class Three Home Learning

Class Four Home Learning

Class Five Home Learning

Class Six Home Learning

Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources

Please download the Word document below for links to resources to support your family's mental health and wellbeing during school closure.

Essex Libraries

The library services are providing a fantastic range of free resources to use at home. Lots of them are listed in the document below - please download for more information.

Essex Library Services - advice and online resources

Please see below a range of website links to support learning at home.

The main topic areas and intended year groups are given at the end.


Have fun and enjoy your learning! smiley

Phonics for Reception Class - remaining sounds (March 2020)

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